Money Comes In for Wounded Horse

Frosty’s trot to recovery started Tuesday when the 6-month-old foal was pulled from the icy pond in Goshen and people who have heard about the foal’s ordeal have come forward to help. 

Volunteer firefighters rescued the horse, named Smoky until it fell through a beaver hole and went through the ice at Goshen Pond.

The rescuers put the 450-pound horse on a big red tarp, dragged the animal to the barn and tried to warm the horse by covering him with blankets until the veterinarian, Dr. Katherine Skiff Kane, arrived.

The animal needed some significant care. It nearly stopped breathing once and Kane put an IV in his jugular vein and started him on drugs to prevent shock.

The horse's legs are cut up from the jagged ice and there is still the risk of infection or pneumonia. But he's alive, thanks to some determined rescuers.

The people who own the horse said they've received more than $1,000 in donations to help pay for the animal’s veterinary care.

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