People Enjoy Warm Weather Across Connecticut

From a dog park to a playground, people were outside across Connecticut Monday enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures.

NBC Connecticut

Connecticut's mild winter was on full display Monday, with temperatures reaching 70 degrees in some parts of the state. People across Connecticut were outside, taking advantage of the warm weather.

"It is happy," said Claire Vancott, a mom of two, while pushing her sons on swings in Middletown. "It’s happy we get to be outside, feel the warmth of the sun, spend time without our jackets and just get to be kids and play outside.”

David Spiro shared the same sentiment as he walked with his 1-year-old son, Jack.

"It is wonderful. It beats being cooped up in the house," said Spiro.

Down the road from the playground, a group of old friends sat by the water at Harbor Park, listening to music and enjoying the sunshine.

“It is great," said Charles O'Reilly. "Get out, you know what I am saying? Feel everything. Feel the air, feel the wind. Have fun.”

It seemed as though the appreciation for the warm weather was universal. At the dog park in Rocky Hill, the dogs were having just as much fun as their owners.

“I love warm weather, it’s everything. Sometimes I question why I live in New England," said Francesca Mancinone.

Skeeter's owner had one thing on her mind when she checked the forecast: "Shorts, but I don't have my shorts they are in storage," said Linda Rogers. "And bringing Skeeter to the dog park."

As the day came to a close, people were sharing the same thought.

"I hope it stays just like this and starts getting warmer because I need a sun tan," said Mancinone.

Spring officially begins March 19.

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