4 People Escape Burning Home

The fire swept through a New Britain home.


Three families are out of a home after a fire on Lincoln Street in New Britain on Wednesday night.

Neighbors told NBC Connecticut that they could see flames shooting from the second story porch of the three-family home around 7:45 p.m. on Wednesday.

“Neighbors saw the flames and went and banged on the door to get everyone out,” New Britain Fire Lt. Donald King said.

The four people inside made it out safely as the fire spread.

“The high winds were pushing the fire inside the house, really causing it to move, really fueling it, really getting it going good,” Lt. King said.

Firefighters who had gone into the burning home were pulled back out. Extra hose lines were set up to spray water from ladders raised above the corner home, making for slippery streets below.

“With the amount of water we’ve put on this building tonight and the freezing temperatures, it causes a lot of ice on the roadways. We’ve had a lot of slip and falls, but thankfully no one’s been injured seriously yet,” Lt. King said.

Paul Riccio lives next door. He was sleeping and woke up to the flashing lights from the fire trucks. The young homeowners are shaken up, he said.

“They worked really hard to have that at my age, 29, and it’s probably the first house that they’ve owned and it sucks for them,” Riccio said.

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