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People in Conn. & London Reflect as Queen's Funeral Nears

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Some here in Connecticut will be getting up early to watch the historic events unfold as people say their final goodbyes to Queen Elizabeth II.

Others with connections to our state are in London and have a chance to witness parts of the day up close.

Kira Beckerman’s study abroad in London has now become a chance for the Quinnipiac University junior to witness history unfold.

Kira Beckerman

“It's incredible. People are waiting like 13 hours to see her,” said Beckerman.

Beckerman snapped a picture of some of the thousands of people who waited in a queue to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II and file past her coffin in Westminster Hall.

Images of the Queen are displayed everywhere in the city.

“It's pretty incredible to see the, I guess, like the dedication. The people here really, they really, you can you can see how much they really cared about her. And I think, you know, she's definitely going to be missed. And I think she was wonderful person,” said Beckerman.

As the funeral gets underway on Monday, people in our state will be watching, including Dr. Stephen Axon who is an associate professor at Southern Connecticut State University.

“My family and I were thinking about getting up pretty early to actually see the funeral live,” said Axon.

Axon is originally from England and even snapped a selfie after briefly meeting the Queen at a conference several years ago.

Now as many mourn her passing it’s also a time to remember their memories of her and her connection with the country.

“The Queen has been a constant in my life and my parents’ life and practically, the living memory of my grandparents. I was raised on stories of like the queen and in terms of like how warm and collected and genuine she was, and particularly a very caring, compassionate head of state,” said Axon.

After what will likely be a difficult time for many British people, thoughts turn toward the future for the country and the Royals.

“It's going to be interesting to see how King Charles forms his own path as monarch given he's more of an outspoken monarch than Queen Elizabeth II,” said Axon.

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