People Sleep in the Cold to Raise Awareness About Homelessness

Twenty-five people chose to sleep outside this weekend in South Windsor, and they did it for a good cause: to raise awareness about homelessness.

The event was hosted by the charity Hartford Bags of Love.

Participants spent the night at a park and also donated things like sleeping bags and other items for those who deal with this everyday.

"Sleeping out in the cold for one night is nothing compared to what homeless have to deal with every single night. Really, it's not too much of a challenge. And I think the people who stepped up were brave but at the same time, I'm glad that they were here because it shows that there are people who understand and I'm hoping that people leave here with a new sense of empathy," Founder of Hartford Bags of Love Tiernan Cabot said.

Bags of Love is a charity that hands out bags full of basic essentials to the homeless. It was started by now-12-year-old Cabot when he was nine years old.

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