Hartford Keeping Kids Safe in Community Pools

As temperatures begin to sizzle and anticipation for July 4th builds, community pools around the state are opening up and hitting capacity, such as Colt Park in Hartford, which had 800 people on Thursday at its peak.

On Friday afternoon, Priscilla Diaz, who came to the pool as a child, was there with her three granddaughters.

“They have good safety here and have excellent lifeguards.”

The staff said they have 13 lifeguards and six to seven are working when the pool is open. Mother of five Taryn Cole said she brings her mother along too.

“I have my mom here present, so she can be extra eyes.”

Cole said she has some strict rules for her kids.

“To stick together. I say don’t cross the line. Of course, no jumping in the pool and to listen to the lifeguard.”

Diaz said she tells her grandchildren the same and hopes other kids and teenagers will be cautious, especially if they’re swimming with no adults around.

“A lot of kids don’t know how to swim, and when you just jump into a pool and you don’t know how to swim and there’s no lifeguard, you’re in danger.

Hartford police say all four of its public pools - at Keeney Park, Pope Park, Goodwin Park, and Colt Park, are fenced and have alarms that sound when the water is disturbed in the off hours. There is also CCTV and police patrol the areas at night to look out for anyone trying to take a dip after hours.

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