People Pledge ‘Never Again' to the Holocaust

Never again.

That’s the pledge as people remember those murdered in the Holocaust.

With hopes that good will triumph over evil, people came together for a Holocaust commemoration event put on by the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven on Sunday.

“To honor those that came before us and not forget the terrible tragedies so we don’t repeat those same mistakes,” Judy Alperin, Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven, said.

Among those who attended was a Holocaust survivor, Isador Juda.

“We should keep this up to tell the world what happened and six million people were murdered,” Juda said.

Juda told us he lived in Austria when Hitler came in. He had been put on a train destined for a death camp.

“For some reason the train slowed down, which I don’t know why ‘till this day. And I jumped off. I had nothing to lose and I went over the Alps into Switzerland,” Juda said.

While Juda escaped, many did not.

“We’re here to remember all the innocent who perished not on the battlefield but were simply targeted for death because of who they were,” Rabbi Alvin Wainhaus, Congregation Or Shalom, said.

Wainhaus says the Jewish community is now reeling.

It comes after the deadly attacks on synagogues in Pittsburgh and California.

“I just hope and pray that we can wipe out anti-Semitism because people have a right to live where ever they are and whatever they do,” Juda said.

The Jewish Federation said all places of worship should be free from violence.

In an acknowledgement of the times we live in, the Federation has coordinated Active Shooter Training and offers security resources to its members.

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