Person Photographs Kids at Bus Stop, Offers to Take Them to School in Bristol: Officials

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Update: Bristol police say this incident appears to have been a misunderstanding.

Police are investigating after a person appears to have approached children at a bus stop in Bristol, taking photos and offering to drive them to school.

In a statement, school officials said a group of middle school students reported that they were approached by an unknown person driving a white Jeep.

The students said that the person took pictures of them and offered to take them to school.

"As a reminder to our families, please rest assured that the safety of all students and staff will always remain the top priority of our district," Superintendent Catherine Carbone said in a statement.

Police are investigating the incident.

"It is kind of crazy. I'm glad my children's bus stop is in front of my house," said Veronica Rodriguez, of Bristol.

Rodriguez is among the parents concerned after receiving a message from the superintendent.

"It's scary. My god, I don't know what I would do," said Connie Vargas, of Bristol.

Vargas said she now has grandkids to worry about.

“I always tell them what would you do if somebody asked, 'come and see my puppy?' They say, ‘Stranger danger, stranger danger.’ I’m always explaining that to them," Vargas said.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children urges parents to remind kids about:

  • Places they can go for help when walking to school.
  • Staying with a group.
  • Warning of accepting rides.
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