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Person Shot Fireworks at Dogs in Kennels at New London Animal Shelter: Animal Control


An investigation is underway to determine who is responsible for intentionally shooting fireworks at dogs in kennels at the New London Animal Shelter in Bates Wood Park on the Fourth of July.

Officials with Waterford-East Lyme Animal Control said they arrived to the animal shelter on Tuesday morning and "it looks like a war zone with all the expended firework debris in our parking lot." They said there was also a spot of grass that had been lit on fire overnight and several square feet of dried grass is burned.

While cleaning the kennels on Tuesday, officials said they found debris inside of the dog kennels, which they said means someone intentionally shot fireworks at the dogs in the kennels.

"I can only imagine how frightened the 12 dogs in the kennel last night were. This is a miserable place for the animals on the best days, last night must have been unbearable," Waterford-East Lyme Animal Control said in a Facebook post.

Though the New London Police responded to the park several times on the Fourth of July, the person or people responsible were not located.

If you know of anyone who may have been involved, you're asked to contact the New London Animal Control officers.

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