Persons of Interest in Shooting Near Bridgeport Courthouse Released, City Curfew Will Start Soon

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Bridgeport officials say they’re stepping up police and community efforts to keep residents safe following a double shooting on Sunday that killed an 18-year-old at the Greene Homes complex and a quadruple shooting Monday in front of the courthouse on Gold Hill Street.

One way they want to do it is through a curfew. At a news conference on Tuesday, city council leaders asked Bridgeport police to enforce an ordinance already on the books.

Anyone under 18 must be home after 11 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and after midnight on the weekends. Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim says enforcement could begin soon.

Bridgeport Police Chief A.J. Perez at Tuesday's news conference.

Police also offered an update on the four victims who were shot on Monday.

“As of now, they are all going to survive,” said Bridgeport Police Captain Brian Fitzpatrick. “Two sustained minor injuries, grazing wounds from gunshots. They were discharged from the hospital yesterday. Two additional males underwent surgery yesterday. ... One has serious injuries and will remain in intensive care for some time.”

Fitzpatrick also said they have not made a connection between the two shootings that occurred less than 24 hours apart. He added that the people they arrested have been released.

“We did take three into custody on charges unrelated to the shooting, those persons bonded out last night,” said Fitzpatrick at Tuesday’s news conference. “They continue to be persons of interest in the shooting, and as the investigation continues.”

He added they are still looking for additional people.

As part of the safety efforts, Connecticut State Police are patrolling the city along with Bridgeport police. It’s not something that happens often.

“This is a partnership we’ve had despite an incident like this,” said Lt. Colonel David Montini, of the Connecticut State Police. “We did it over the summer, we’ve done it a few summers in a row, and we’ve done it in the major cities in the state -- Hartford, New Haven, Bridgeport.”

State police told NBC Connecticut that people like it when they help protect the city.

“Working in partnership with them has been effective, very effective, and it feels like the people in our community do like to see our presence,” said Montini. “And it has made a difference.”

State police wouldn’t say how long they’re planning to be in Bridgeport, or how many troopers are joining Bridgeport police.

City leaders also called for help from parents and for more funding for youth programs to keep kids off the streets.

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