Peeping Ex-Janitor Offered Plea Deal

A former train station janitor accused of filming up womens skirts was offered a plea bargain and could be sent back his native Mexico.

Felicitos Gonzales, 41, of Stamford, worked as a janitor at the Stamford train station, when he was arrested, the Stamford Advocate reports.

Authorities have said Gonzales was working in the country illegally, the paper said.  His attorney said he has been served with deportation papers, the newspaper reports.

On Nov. 13, Gonzales was charged with 16 counts of voyeurism after a woman found a camera phone in a women's bathroom stall.

Police said he hid a camera in a toilet paper roll in a trash bin and recorded women in the bathroom stall and also pointed a camera under their skirts on the platform at the station.

In January, the charges against Gonzales more than doubled when investigators found the additional videos on his home computer, according to an arrest warrant. He was charged with 38 counts of voyeurism.

Howard Ehring, Gonzales' attorney, was not specific about the terms of the deal offered, according to the Stamford Advocate.

On March 25, Gonzales is to return to court to either accept or reject the deal.

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