Pet Owners Warned About Coyote Attack in Windsor Locks

Dog owners are on edge after police said there was a rare coyote attack in Windsor Locks.

Now people are warned to be careful with their pets.

Those out for a walk in Windsor Locks are now greeted by a bold warning about coyotes in the area of Waterworks Park.

“To hear coyotes are around makes me a little nervous and more cautious for having my dog in the area,” says Sara Sabukewicz.

Police say recently in the park two coyotes attacked a dog, which was off the leash. The coyotes eventually darted back into the woods.

The unusual attack leaves area dog owners concerned about what might lurk nearby.

“You can tell there’s something out there. Every once in a while, he goes out and just stands there and looks,” says Danny Levesque.

Some neighbors we talked to say they have seen and heard coyotes around here before.

Other dog owners say they were surprised to hear who is roaming the neighborhood.

“Thankfully we always keep him on a leash but I don’t know what I could do to defend myself, not only him,” said Sabukewicz.

Wildlife experts said coyotes rarely attack people and are more likely to go after cats and small dogs.

That’s why police urge pet owners to be cautious and never let their beloved animal run free.

“Keep him on a leash more. Don’t let him go out by himself,” said Levesque.

“Maybe watching him a little more now that, our yard is fenced in but I don’t know, can coyotes jump over fences? I have no idea,” says Sabukewicz.

We reached out to police to see how the dog, which was attacked at the park, was doing. We have not yet heard back.

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