Pete Davidson Walks Out On Bridgeport Performance: Report

Fans hoping to see "Saturday Night Live" cast member Pete Davidson in Bridgeport Monday night left disappointed.

The comedian was scheduled to perform a standup routine at The Stress Factory comedy club, but walked out after an incident with the club’s owner.

Davidson posted video on his Instagram story, saying “Hey guys in Connecticut, I'm sorry we had to leave the show before I got to go on. The owner, Vinny Brand disrespected me and did something that I told him not to do and I can't perform under those circumstances.”

The club owner, Vinny Brand, told the Connecticut Post that Davison had specific rules for the audience, including that no one yell out anything about Davison’s exes.

Brand told the paper he went on stage to “lay down the ground rules” but Davidson apparently took it the wrong way.

NBC Connecticut has reached out to the club, but has yet to hear back.

Davidson said he’s organizing another show for everyone who had tickets for Monday’s performance.

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