Petition Aims to Change New Quinnipiac University Logo

Students at Quinnipiac University say the school’s logo isn’t grammatically correct and they want the university to take action.

A meeting was scheduled for Monday night to discuss the issue but it didn’t happen. While a petition to change the logo has significant support, the school said the new design is here to stay.

The issue in question is a lower-case letter u in the word university.

“From an aesthetic point of view I am not the biggest fan but that is not my primary concern my primary concern is the standards of English grammar,” said Quinnipiac senior Brett Segelman.

The school introduced the design over the summer. And since then, many students have signed a petition that Segelman started to have the u capitalized. The petition has over 1,100 signatures.

“The response has been explosive we have close to 12 hundred signatures as of today and over 250 comments of outrage and concern,” Segelman said.

He said he feels the new logo isn’t in line with a place of higher education.

“As a senior as a marketing major I care about first impressions, I care about image and I care about the message the school is sending to outsiders,” he told NBC Connecticut.

Other students weren’t as concerned.

“I prefer the old one but it's not really going to make a big impact on my academic education here so it’s fine either way for me,” freshman Logan Reardon said.

But Segelman said he’s not backing down.

Quinnipiac spokesman John Morgan released the following statement on the situation

"As with any change, the new brand identity system will have its detractors, but we also have witnessed overwhelming support for these changes. We have no intentions of looking back, only forward as we work to improve Quinnipiac's stature and visibility in the higher-education community."

The school also said this new brand strategy is a modern interpretation of the past university brand and a representation of who they are today.

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