Petition in Vernon Calls for Sidewalks After Hit-and-Run Kills Resident

The petition has already received hundreds of signatures and will be presented to the town council during the next meeting.

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A new petition is on its way to the Vernon Town Council asking to institute sidewalks along Phoenix and Washington streets.

The petition that’s already received hundreds of signatures and counting is in response to the hit and run that killed Andrew Aggarwala late last month while the 44-year-old was out walking his dog.

"Safety of the community residents town residents is the top consideration at all times," said David Owens, spokesperson for the town of Vernon.

Owens explained how the building process works, saying the council will "look at the community they look at intersections they look at roads and they look at data over a long period of time to help guide decisions about those kind of things."

He also said, "There’s also a recommendation that’s going to go to the town council next week for crossing lights at some of the intersections between roads and rails and trails system...that’s been something that’s been apart of the long term planning."

Police have arrested a man in connection with a deadly hit-and-run in Vernon last Tuesday.

The spokesman said the town will meet next Tuesday and has already set aside $200,000 in the budget for projects which include sidewalk installations.

He said local officials are constantly reviewing the need to update safety measures throughout the town mans he’s hoping that the potential crossing lights will make a difference.

"Crossing lights will alert people it will alert motorist but it’s still up to motorist to stop and slow down," Owens said.

Victor A, a resident of Vernon, agreed there should be sidewalks but think that both parties need to be responsible.

"It’s the driver and the pedestrian they both got to be alert I mean we are living in a world where you can’t be relying on the next guy to do it for you," said A.

James Emonds and his wife Nancy come from Enfield to take a stroll along the trail. They said they love the area but sidewalks are a necessity.

"I think they should definitely put more sidewalks in the heavily traffic areas. It’s too bad it took somebody’s life from them but sometimes good comes out of it and if they put the walks in you can’t ask for anything better," said Emonds.

The next town council meeting will be Tuesday December 15.

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