Pets With Medical Issues Could Be a Purr-Fect Fit for Your Family

Clear the Shelters is a great time to find a new family pet. Just like humans, some pets have a history and that history also means they could be a perfect fit for your family. 

King, a 1-year-old pit bull mix, at the Connecticut Humane Society in Newington, is the king of tricks and eating treats. 

“He is a big goof! He will do just about anything for a cookie,” Becca Meyer, the behavior coordinator at the CT Humane Society, said. 

King faced a big battle already. He had major hip surgery and has slowly been rehabilitating with walks, but is almost 100 percent. 

“We just look for someone to be patient with him while he heals up,” said Meyer. 

While King might have a medical history, it doesn’t mean he or other animals with medical issues can’t have a perfect home.

Moses, an 11-year-old cat, is also looking for a home.

“Come on in and adopt him,” Theresa Geary, the director of operations at the Connecticut Humane Society.

Moses is social. He loves people, laying on desks during meetings and playing with toys.

However, he will need a new family ready to take care of his diabetes.

“He is a wonderful cat, a little bit older gentleman. And we have spent the last several months regulating his diabetes and now he is in a stable place on special food and on medication,” said Geary.

“We see what an amazing companion he could make somebody. And the medical part, we will go over all of that with his future family,” Susan Wollschlager, the marketing and communications director for the CT Humane Society, said.

Just like people, pets’ pasts shape them.

“These animals have so much love to give people. And I think when they have gone through something like that, that's a little more challenging, they seem even more grateful when you bring them into your family and adopt them. They seem to blossom,” Wollschlager said.

On Aug. 18, NBC Connecticut and Telemundo Connecticut are teaming up with the Connecticut Humane Society and dozens of animal organizations.

Many shelters will offer reduced fees for adoption. Hundreds of pets will be available for adoption. Last year in Connecticut, more than 1,100 pets found their forever homes during Clear the Shelters.

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