Police on Alert After Phone Scammer Poses as Officer in Monroe

One message left on a Mornoe resident’s answering machine on Friday morning has prompted a police investigation.

A man who identified himself as “Officer Sean White” left a message on the machine of Nicholas Kapoor and his family stating, "If you don't return the call and if I don't hear a return from you either then the only thing that I can do is wish you good luck as the situation gradually unfolds on you, so give me a call back as soon as possible. Goodbye.”

"Officer Sean White" did not identify who he was trying to reach or which police department he was associated with, Monroe police said.

Police said they're aware of several similar complaints and other messages left by an Officer Sean White and they believe someone is impersonating a police officer in an attempt to solicit money.

Kapoor said he and his family considered the call ominous but not a direct threat.

“Usually with things like this, they wouldn't use a name and a phone number," said Kapoor. "But he gave us a name and somewhere to call back, so we thought that was pretty strange.”

Monroe police are warning the public that this is a scam. A spokesman for the department said real police officers will provide more information than just their name, including the name of the police department and a contact number.

Police advise against giving out any personal information to an unknown caller.

If you're uncertain about the legitimacy of a call you have received, contact your local police department.

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