Oink! Reading Pig Gets Key to City

Daisy 2 has some big hoofs to fill as the ham-bassador of reading and the pig is stepping into them all the way to Bristol City Hall.

Bristol Mayor Art Ward gave Daisy 2 the key to city, the Bristol Press reports.

Daisy 2, Bristol farmer Paul Minor's pet potbellied pig, is taking over for the original pet pig Daisy, who died last month. Minor takes the pigs to schools around the country to promote his "Pig Out on Reading" program. Daisy 2's tour is underway and heading to Maryland, Louisiana and Virginia.   

Mayor Ward called Daisy, and now Daisy 2, some of the most famous pigs in the world, and gave the pig a key to the city because of the magnitude of achievements, the Bristol Press reported.

The original Daisy rolled with celebs as she took a national tour to promote reading and received her own letter from then-First Lady Laura Bush. She was also on national television.   

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