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Plainfield Police Respond to Prank Call Where Caller Said He Murdered His Mom

Plainfield Police responded to a swatting incident involving a prank call on Monday night where the caller said he had just murdered his mother.

Officers were called to a home on Charlotte Drive in the Wauregan section of Plainfield around 6:30 p.m. after getting a phone call where a man said he had just murdered his mother.

According to police, he said he was going to shoot the police if they approached.

While responding to the call, Plainfield Police Department were in contact with Connecticut State Police.

Officers said a Connecticut State Police dispatcher told them about a swatting-type prank phone call that they had just received that was very similar to the one Plainfield Police Department got.

Authorities approached the home and made contact with the homeowner, who police said seemed to be surprised. The homeowner told police he was home alone, allowed officers to search his home and police said they later confirmed the call was a prank.

Plainfield police are informing residents that this incident was a complete false alarm and said there was no danger to the community.

If you have any information regarding the incident, you're asked to contact the anonymous tip line at (860) 564-7065.

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