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Plane Crashes Into Roof of Groton Home

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A plane crashed into a home on Ring Drive in Groton on Monday night.

Two people who were in the plane were able to get out safely after the crash. They were taken to Lawrence + Memorial Hospital in New London with non-life threatening injuries, police said.

One man was in the home when the plane crashed into the roof and officials said he was not hurt.

Tammy de la Cruz said the plane crashed into her father's home. She said her dad was in the bedroom, which was the only part of the house that was left unscathed.

“I saw the house and I thought….there is no way he is alive. He is dead,” said de la Cruz.

She said that her dad heard the loud bang and thought someone was trying to break into the house. He locked the door and climbed out his bedroom window. Other than a sore throat from inhaling the airplane fumes, he had no injuries.

“A miracle,” said de la Cruz.  “People lived. That my dad is alive. That the guys in the plane lived, that it did not explode.”

Neighbors could not believe what they heard.

“All of sudden I heard a big bang. It woke me up and I thought it was dreaming,” Art Valdez, of Groton, said.

A plane crashed into a home in Groton late Monday night. Police said no serious injuries are reported.

He said the neighbor in the house the plane crashed into thought someone was breaking in.

"He locked his bedroom door and jumped out his window,” Valdez said.

There were no fatalities or serious injuries, according to police.

(V)ery fortunate that no one was killed in this incident.

Town of Groton Police Chief L.J. Fusaro

There was no fire as a result of the crash, but several homes were evacuated as a precaution, police said.

“Remarkably there was no fire as a result of this. As you probably saw from the scene here, the aircraft struck the building, but remarkably there was no fire." Town of Groton Police Chief L.J. Fusaro said

Police said the plane appeared to have been on the way to Groton-New London Airport.

According to the FAA, the Piper fixed wing multi-engine plane is registered to a company called Upgrade Incorporated out of Groton. The FAA did not find any past accidents in their system involving the plane.

The president of the company, Ryan Gauthier, said his company is cooperating with investigators and that they will not comment further as the investigation continues.

Patricia Ameika said she’s watched as small planes have flown over the house.

“Sometimes I look up and I’m like, ‘He’s pretty low.’ Or I can hear the change in the engine and immediate like, Is the plane OK?,” she said.

A plane crashed into a house in Groton on Monday night and neighbors describe the anxious moments they went through.

“All indications are it was on approach to Groton-New London Airport, but that's preliminary. That'll all be fleshed out during the investigation that will take place in the ensuing days and weeks,” Fusaro said.

Several agencies responded to the scene. The National Transportation Safety Board will also go to the scene is investigating and said the wreckage will be removed from the scene and brought to a secure location..

Photos: Plane Crashes Into Roof of Groton Home

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