Plans to Capture Roaming Cow, Moo-ving Along

By mid week, officials hope to have seized the wayward bovine.

Progress is being made on a plan to nab an elusive bovine in Milford.

The cow has been on the loose since July. Just a few weeks ago animal rescuers tried unsuccessfully to rope it in, but the beast got spooked and ran off, the New Haven Register reports.

Milford/Orange Animal Control Officer Rick George told the Register this new plan is much bigger.

“This time it will involve a larger group (of people). Safety is paramount,” George told the paper.

Initially the bull escaped from a property across from Latella’s Farm on Prindle Hill Road on the West Haven/Orange town line and the animal has been spotted all over the city.

George hopes to have captured the cow by midweek, with help from a “livestock veterinarian who will provide a tranquilizer, two state animal control officers and two additional animal control officers, one if whom is specially trained in using a dart gun and a large animal rescue expert, he told the paper.

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