Plant Vandals Soil Hartford

18 planters around Bushnell Park were flipped and destroyed overnight

Mischief overnight in downtown Hartford left the city with a giant mess to clean up.

Someone flipped over 18 planters around Bushnell Park and destroyed the plants along Trinity, Ford and Asylum streets.

The planters that used to line the streets were almost in the road, leaving potting soil strewn everywhere.

Crews from Hartford’s Department of Public Works were on duty at the time of the incident.

Roger Burgess, of DPW, said his department did the best it could to clean up the greenery, but some planters are a total loss.

The Parks and Recreation Department will re-plant what they can Wednesday morning.

Luckily, the incident will not be a strain on the city's already tight budget. The planters were donated by Knox Parks and were not planted by the city.

Hartford police said this is a criminal investigation and they will pull video from street cameras to see if they caught the vandals in the act.

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