Playing Through the Heat

The Nutmeg Games Continue Despite High Temps

nutmeg games
Seth Lemon

There’s no rest on day seven of the high heat and humidity for high school field hockey players.

“I think it’s really great because it’s a team sport. We have both team and individual sports in the Nutmeg State Games,” said site director Jackie Shea. “But [in] the team sports, you really see a lot [of players] come together.”

Shea says many parents kept their young players home Friday because it was just too hot. But Saturday morning, the games kicked off at Conrad High School in West Hartford. And players were ready.

“You definitely have a sense of accomplishment after working in the heat all week,” said Lindsay Jenkinson from Bethel. She was relaxing on the sidelines in the shade of a tent, saving her energy for the game later on and enjoying today’s temperature. Meteorologist Darren Sweeney said the heat was still dangerous, but not as extreme.

“You know this heat so far hasn’t been too bad considering it was topping the 100s earlier this week,” said Jenkinson.

While doctors say the two groups most at risk in this hot weather are young children and the elderly, heat stroke can affect young and healthy people. Many times people suffer heat-related illnesses after disregarding precautions.

“We have towels, and their t-shirts now are on ice,” said Lisa Freebairn, mother of Bethel team player Reese. “So they can use that after the games.” Freebairn said she appreciates that the organizers took the heat very seriously. “It seems to be really organized, which is always very important. And they seem to be concerned about the heat for the girls.”

And Reese’s teammate Lindsay Jenkins says she opts for this weather over a winter blizzard. “I really don’t like the cold. I’ll take the heat over it any day.”

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