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Plow Drivers Prepare for More Snow on Tuesday

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With one storm after the next, the plow drivers are definitely putting in the hours.

"Incredibly busy. It's been nuts this year. It really has been," said Coastal Creations owner Dominic Dimauro. "Last year we had almost nothing, maybe a storm or two and some saltings, but this one we've been salting two, three times a day, moving snow almost every day," he added.

The back-to-back snow events can take a toll on people and equipment.

The goal for many of the drivers was to clear everything yesterday, ahead of more snow today.

Our team of meteorologists is forecasting three to six inches of snow in the northern portion of the state and one to three inches in southern Connecticut on Tuesday.

On a state level, the Dept. of Transportation said despite multiple storms, they've got plenty of material and their crews don't need to pretreat the roads because there's still plenty of residual salt on the roads.

AAA is reminding drivers to slow down in this type of weather. If you do skid or lose control, always look and steer in the direction you want the vehicle to go.

You should also limit distractions and never use cruise control when the roads are wet or snow covered.

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