Salt Situation

The snow and the treads of tires didn't match up well Tuesday night.  The slick conditions made for a slow ride up I-84 in East Hartford. It was delayed even more by accidents.
"I've been driving in it all day and there's been like 10 accidents that I've seen. Everybody is pulled off to the side in the trenches.  It's bad," said Kevin Hird of Hamden.
Highways weren't the only messy roads.
"People are rushing to get home, not following good driving practices, so we've had a few spin-outs, a few people going off the road into snow banks.  Fortunately, we've had no injuries," said Sgt. Scott Custer of the South Windsor Police Department.
The State Department of Transportation and private contractors were out plowing the roads and trying to conquer the slick spots.  But the private plows are running into problems with the never-ending snowfall in Connecticut.
"The problem we have right now is salt being so hard to get. You're really scarce to find it and it's getting really expensive, so times are getting tough with the salt, you have to put less down or mix it with the sand," said Jay Murtha of Jay's Landscaping in South Windsor.
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