Plymouth Comptroller Suspended Amid Investigation: Mayor

The Plymouth comptroller has been suspended indefinitely amid an investigation into of “improprieties” in the town finance department, according to Mayor David Merchant.

Merchant, who learned of the issue around 5 pm. Friday, said it dates back to October 2013.

Comptroller David Bertnagel offered an explanation that "did not make sense" when Merchant and town attorney Bill Hamzy confronted him about the allegations the evening of Oct. 31.

Merchant said he suspended Bertnagel indefinitely around 8 o'clock that night.

Town officials are bringing in outside auditors and law enforcement agencies to investigate. Merchant declined to reveal how much money was involved.

"If there's anything I can promise the people of this town, it's that when we emerge from this, we're going to be better and stronger than we were before," Merchant said. "We have policies and procedures that we're changing."

Bertnagel could not be reached for comment.

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