Buddy the Beefalo

Plymouth Police Captain Visits Buddy the Beefalo in Florida

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Plymouth Police Captain Benecchi flew all the way to Gainesville, Florida to reunite with Buddy the Beefalo after his recent move to Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary.

Benecchi said the sanctuary is a "truly amazing place."

"I've learned a lot about how they help and take care of their animals. We are very lucky to have found Buddy his forever home," Benecchi said in a Facebook post.

Plymouth Police Department

The police captain thanked everyone that made Buddy's transition to his new home successful.

"Without your generosity, this adventure would have been even more difficult to come to this happy ending," he said.

The sanctuary said Buddy arrived Thursday morning and was a little hesitant when he first got out of the trailer. The sanctuary said he was so hesitant that within about two minutes, he had jumped the fence of the pen and gone into the horse pasture.

Critter Creek took to social media to name Buddy a "biso-cow," which they say is a mix of a cow and a bison, not a buffalo. They say he isn't actually a beefalo after all!

Anyone who would like to contribute to Buddy and his new moo-pals can donate through Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary.

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