Connecticut State Police

Plymouth Town Computers Infected with Ransomware

Plymouth is the latest Connecticut town to fall victim to hackers, according to the mayor.

Plymouth Mayor David Merchant confirmed that computers on the town networks suffered a ransomware attack that was discovered Wednesday evening. Merchant confirmed the attack began with an email, but was not sure what department that employee works in.

The town's IT team is working to determine the extent of the breach. The police department systems are back up and running, Merchant said.

Colchester is far from the first town to suffer a cyberattack. Back in October, the City of West Haven paid $2,000 in digital currency to unlock its servers. More recently Colchester discovered its systems were infected with malware.

Last year, a dozen state agencies were hit by ransomware attacks, but no sensitive data was compromised.

Tech experts say the best defense against a ransom attack is a good backup system.

It’s important to train employees on how to spot suspicious emails, because that’s usually how malware gets into a system.

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