Plymouth's Famous Buddy the Beefalo to Head to New Home in Florida This Week

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The months-long hunt to find “Buddy the Beefalo” has come to an end and now Buddy is days away from heading to his new home at a cow sanctuary in Florida.

It’s a saga that started when the 1,000-pound bovine escaped a Plymouth butcher in August.

His time on the run has provided some fun for people in town and beyond. With news of his escape, the community rallied around the bovine, named Buddy by police.

Earlier this week, police were relieved to report that Buddy had been captured, cornered after he was caught cozying up with a local farmer’s lady cows.

“He found a farm nearby, the farm had some female cows,” said Plymouth Police Captain Edward Benecchi, trying not to laugh.

“Buddy, I would say, beauty caught the beast is what I’m saying," said Benecchi.

Buddy’s bold escape from the local meat processing facility this summer caused quite the stir on social media. The police department documented the months-long search on Facebook.

“Everything they did to bring this to a safe resolution, I just can’t say more about this community,” said Benecchi.

To help police with the hunt, people donated almost $8,500 to help feed, catch, and free the beefalo.

“We all came together for an animal and now he’s not going to be slaughtered or anything. Just living off the land and enjoying Florida,” said Sara Lavary, of Plymouth.

Instead of becoming flank steak, Buddy will soon be basking in Florida sunshine.

There, our country’s largest cow sanctuary was moo-ved by the community’s care and Buddy’s boldness. They’re not surprised by his long time on the lam.

Instead of becoming flank steak, Buddy will soon be basking in Florida sunshine - he's headed to a cow sanctuary thanks to donations from the community.

“Bovines can be very wily. People tend to think they are these big, dumb animals, but they’re not,” said president of Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary Erin Amerman.

The sanctuary believes this soon-to-be snowbird will find friends fast on the farm, a freedom he fought so hard for.

“I think that given the pandemic and everything else that is going on, it was the happy ending that everybody needed. Buddy was an easy person to rally around. Easy person, easy animal,” she corrected herself laughing.

“Four hundred acres, hundreds of cows, Florida, what else would you want?” said Bennechi, who plans to check in on Buddy during an upcoming trip to Florida.

“He’s been the hide and seek champion, but I’m glad to see he’s been captured," he continued.

Buddy has passed his check up and will be leaving for Florida within the next day or two. Police said Benecchi will be using some vacation time to check on Buddy at the end of the week.

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