Rescued Bald Eagle Recovering from Toxin

A seven-year-old Bald Eagle that was rescued on Friday had some sort of poison in his system and he is recovering after receiving medical help.

Environmental Conservation Police responded to Thomaston on Friday morning after receiving reports of a sick or injured Bald Eagle and found the majestic creature in need of help, so officers captured the male bird and rushed him to the Audubon Center in Sharon for medical care.

The first 24 hours were touch and go, according to officers, but he was stabilized on Saturday night with help from Audubon staff.

On Sunday morning, the eagle was more alert, more aggressive and standing on his own, so he was brought to a veterinarian who drew blood for testing.

The tests revealed what appeared to be some form of toxin in the eagle’s system that affected his liver, so he has been going through fluid therapy to flush his system.

The eagle is finally making progress and was able to eat, according to Environmental Conservation Police who have sent the blood sample out for analysis to determine the type of toxin.

Other than the effects of the toxin, the eagle has no physical injuries.

This eagle was tagged seven years ago, before he could fly, so EnCon police know he’s a Connecticut native and they are crediting Audubon Sharon for help to save the majestic bird.

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