Pokemon Go Gives Businesses a Boost

Local businesses are cashing in on Pokemon Go craze as more kids go on the hunt for Pokemon and visit businesses fronts while collecting Pokemon.

"More customers, a lot more people coming in during lunch break, a lot of people on the line on their phone they are probably playing too which is helping bring people in which is nice," said Hall's Market employee Ken Muccino.

The reason for the traffic is a Pokestop outside their front door. Seven year old Anthony Portal explains what it is.

"It gives you Pokeballs to capture the animals," said Anthony Portal.

Down the road at A.C. Peterson Farms their decorative cow outside their store is a Pokéstop. Players come to collect items in their augmented related game.

"It may help but at night it's really busy so I don't notice the difference, but yeah I see people over by the cow so they must be doing something," said manager Chris Gineo.

With more customers walking in or around stores, business owners said these Pokestops are Poke-blessings.

"It gets slow during the summer so of course this helps bring more people in.A lot of people go on vacation so it's great this game just came out at the same time," said Muccino.

Customers couldn't agree more.

"The sandwiches are amazing you get free Pokeballs and items that you need. So it's a win-win," said Pokemon Go player Brian Odd.

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