Newington Church: Pokemon Go Home

A Newington church has had enough of Pokemon Go and has posted a warning to players coming on to their properties on their Facebook Page.

Saint Mary's Church in published a Facebook post threatening Pokemon Go players, young and old, with police action if caught on their property.

"It's a church. Anyone should be welcomed there whether it's private property or not," said a parent Justin Poulin.

The post said players have been flocking to church grounds. With campers inside, church staff considers player visits a hazard.The post also mentioned players driving quickly away from parking lots.

"I understand where the church is coming from because if they are conducting business at the church they are responsible for the safety of the people who are at the church," said another parent, Amy Harowitz.

Pokemon Go is a smart phone game which has players physically walking to locations to collect items. Saint Mary's is a Pokemon Gym and a Pokestop in the game.

Businesses or churches can request to be removed by visiting the Pokemon Go support page on their website and filling out a request form.

"Anybody in any religion can go there. Even if it's for a game or whatever they should be able to go there," said Poulin.

"I think they should ask people not to enter the church property. I'm not sure about calling the police on them though. That seems a little harsh," said Harowitz.

Church staff said administrators did not have time to speak with NBC Connecticut.

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