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Police Arrest Hamden Man Involved in Officer-Involved Shooting on New Gun Charges

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NBC Connecticut

Officials have arrested a man in New Haven who was involved in an officer-involved shooting in Hamden last year.

Paul Witherspoon, 22, of Hamden, was arrested on new gun charges following New Haven officials' attempt to limit violence after a recent uptick in the city. Police said they seized eight guns and made nine arrests from July 26 to Aug. 5.

Officers ran a registration check on Witherspoon as he was driving on Henry Street towards Dixwell Avenue on Aug. 5. The registration check revealed a different car than the one he was driving, police said.

Witherspoon then pulled over and officers pulled behind him. After the officers turned their lights on, he got out of the car and walked towards the sidewalk. Police then told Witherspoon to go back to his car because he was being pulled over.

Police said Witherspoon told them he left his license, registration and proof of insurance at home.

While he searched his car for paperwork, detectives saw marijuana in his car. Witherspoon told police that was the only contraband in his car. However, police said they saw the butt end of a shotgun on the front passenger side floor.

The Bureau of Identification took the shotgun and police determined that the gun was loaded. The front of the shotgun was also sawed off to make the barrel shorter, according to police.

Police found multiple shotgun shells as well as 7.62 ammunition while searching the car. Witherspoon did not have a pistol permit.

Witherspoon took his child out of the back seat of the car after police asked him to. Family members took custody of the child after his arrest.

Detectives arrested Witherspoon without incident.

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