Police Arrest Man Accused of Barricading Himself, Threatening Officers in Milford

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Police have arrested a man accused of being barricading inside of his home in Milford for hours on Saturday.

The man, identified as 52-year-old John Katrick allegedly left a "booby-trap" intended to injure officers outside of his front door, according to authorities.

Officers were called to a home on Home Acres Avenue around 4:30 a.m. on April 16 after getting a report that the homeowner had placed a speaker in his driveway and was playing loud music. When police arrived, they said he turned off the music from inside the home, but refused to speak to officers. An infraction for creating a public disturbance was issued.

A few hours later, officers were called back to the man's home and said they found him burning car tires in his backyard. Investigators said the homeowner threatened to kill the officers if they trespassed onto his property. As they began to approach, the man retreated into his home.

Police said they stayed at the scene to address the fire that extinguished on its own and the man's threats. Shortly after, authorities said the man placed what officers believed was a rifle against a window on the first floor of the home and then retrieved it a few minutes later. The man then drew all the shades on the windows.

Several residents on the street were evacuated or told to shelter in place as a perimeter was established.

For the next several hours, authorities said crisis negotiators attempted to engage the man in conversation to bring the situation to a peaceful end, but he refused to cooperate and remained in his home.

Later on, police said they heard what they thought was a gunshot from within the home. To check his welfare, a drone was deployed and a robot was sent into the home through the back door, they added. As the robot was being deployed, members of the special response team encountered the man and negotiated his surrender.

According to police, the man was taken into custody in good health and without further incident.

Social workers had been in contact throughout the day with members of the staff at St. Raphael's to coordinate an emergency psychiatric evaluation once he was safely in custody. Shortly after midnight, police said the man was transported to the hospital for the evaluation.

While conducting a security sweep of the home, investigators said the man had affixed a rudimentary "booby-trap" to the front door with various knives for what authorities said was presumably to injure members of the police department.

On Friday, police were able to secure an arrest warrant for Katrick. He was taken into custody and held on a $30,000 bond.

He faces charges including attempted assault on a police officer, interfering with a police officer, reckless burning and threatening.

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