Police at Wethersfield Elementary School After Concerning Social Media Post

Wethersfield school officials said a social media post led to a police investigation at a local elementary school Wednesday, and while police determined there was no threat, it still left parents on edge.

“Everybody’s talking about it. It's a little scary, strange, and shows how crazy social media can be,” said Wethersfield parent Nicholas Washburn.

The superintendent said an individual from the community made a Facebook post regarding Highcrest Elementary School that led them to reach out to police, but investigators determined there was no credible threat.

Some parents said they wished there was more information in a letter sent out Wednesday. The superintendent writing that police stepped up their presence around Highcrest Thursday and will do so Friday out of an abundance of caution.

While parents say they’re relieved this potential threat wasn’t deemed credible, the fact that threats come up in the first place is unnerving.

“Anxiety, scared for her, me and my wife talked about at the beginning of her school career about homeschooling just in case because of all these crazy things that happen in school,” Washburn said,

The Wethersfield superintendent said police are familiar with the author of that social media post and that the school district will continue to be vigilant toward any social media communication that’s disruptive to the educational environment.

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