Police Bust Suspected Identity Theft Team

Stamford police have arrested two suspects in separate identity theft investigations and said they are connected.

In of the two cases, the identities of around 20 employees of a Stamford financial business were compromised, police said.

As police investigated, they learned an employee left behind a book of the company’s employee’s personal information and someone got his hands on it and opened several fraudulent bank accounts, as well as phone, and credit card accounts in the names of several employees without their knowledge, police said.

Police identified Reginald Boyd, 22, as the suspect. Police searched his house in October and said evidence linked him to the accounts.

On Nov. 12, police somehow convinced Boyd to come to the police department, under the guise that he would be getting the items back, but police instead arrested him and charged him with trafficking in personal identifying information, 19 counts of third-degree identity theft, second-degree identity theft and first-degree computer crimes.

A $100,000 court-set bond was set for Boyd.

The investigation into the other case began during the week of Nov. 9, when a victim reached out to police and investigators learned that someone had bought three Apple iPhones online and was planning to pick them up at the Sprint Store in Stamford.

When the suspect arrived, officers were there, posing as store employees, and took Tosheim Newkirk, 21, into custody and charged him with criminal impersonation, second-degree forgery, third-degree identity theft, fourth-degree larceny and credit card theft.

Bond was set at $20,000.

Police said Boyd and Newkirk had been working together, conducting the identity thefts as a team.

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