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Police Captain Thanks Supporters During Recovery From Shooting

Captain Anthony Duff was shot in August when, while off-duty, he tried intervene when he heard gunshots.

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Members of the New Haven Police Department gathered Wednesday to support a police captain who continues to recover from a shooting in August.

Captain Anthony Duff was in good spirits Wednesday and said he’s grateful to everyone who’s shown him any kind of support these last few months.

“An overwhelming amount of community support.  It’s a great feeling and it means a lot,” he said.

On the road to recovery, the smile that made Duff a beloved figure among New Haven Police was on full display.

“The camaraderie and the fellowship is incredible,” he said.

His colleagues in the department and community came out to honor him Wednesday, donating a Signal Four benefit for the captain almost four months to the day after he was wounded responding to a shooting incident in the city.

“It’s called a Signal 4.  The code means officer needs assistance,” explained Lt. Manmeet Colon.

“He always has that smile on his face.  You would never know what he’s going through,” said Assistant Chief Renee Dominguez. “We’re just glad that we can all rally around him and make him feel the love that he deserves in this moment.”

Duff was shot multiple times and said after a triumphant exit from the hospital, he’s coming along on her personal road to recovery with the help of doctors, visiting nurses and physical therapy.

“I’d never been injured or sick before.  So for me this is the first time.  So I applaud all the folks who work in the field of health and physical therapy,” Duff said.

Asked when he’ll be back to work, the captain said soon. He also acknowledged how fortunate he is to be able to return, since the victim who was being shot at when he tried to intervene didn’t make it.

 “Troy Clark did not survive,” Duff said. “The holidays are a joyous occasion.  But at the same time I’m aware that there’s someone who will not be able to celebrate with his family.”

While remembering a tragedy, the New Haven Police Department also celebrated that one of its own did make it and will be back on the job, answering the call to keep the Elm City safe.

“It means a lot when people say thank you for your service,” Duff said.

The person who shot Duff and killed Clark was never captured. Leaders in the department said the investigation is very active and are confident that they will make an arrest.

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