Police Chase Ends at Gate of Taylor Swift's RI Home

A police chase in Rhode Island ended with an allegedly stolen car crashing into the gate of a home that reportedly belongs to Taylor Swift.

According to Hopkinton Police, an officer saw a car with no license plates around 1 a.m. Tuesday on Main Street. The officer said the driver took off, swerving across lane lines and making his way into Westerly, where he eventually crashed into the wall and the gate of a Bluff Avenue home.

NBC affiliate WJAR reports that the site of the crash was Swift's home. Police said the crash caused heavy damage to the gates.

Police said the car was determined to have been reported stolen from Hartford, Connecticut.

An open alcohol container and marijuana were found in the car, as well, according to police, who reported smelling a strong odor of marijuana as the car sped away.

The driver of the vehicle is facing a reckless driving charge, but he is noted to be suspected of using drugs. Police said additional charges were possible.

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