Police Seek Additional Search Warrants in Case of Missing Easton Couple

Police continue to search the home of a Bridgeport man whose parents vanished early this month and will file additional search warrants as part of the investigation into the couple's disappearance, according to the court.

Jeffrey Navin, 56, president of J&J Refuse sanitation company in Westport; and his wife, Jeanette Navin, 55, a school library aide in Weston, disappeared Aug. 4, a week after losing an appeal over millions of dollars in debt.

Investigators have spent the past two days searching the Bridgeport home of the couple's son, Kyle Navin, who is considered a person of interest in the case, according to a source close to the investigation. State police brought in K-9s on Thursday.

Neighbors said they have not seen Kyle Navin in about a week. It's not clear what, if anything, police have found at his home on Aldine Avenue.

"Detectives are conducting a very thorough investigation. They are following all leads," said state police spokesman Trooper First Class Kelly Grant. "They do a search and look for anything that will lead them to the whereabouts of the missing persons."

Kyle Navin is listed on the J&J Refuse website as the company's operations manager. He has not returned an email sent to his work account Wednesday evening.

In addition to Kyle Navin's home, police have also obtained warrants to search his parents' property in Easton, the home in Westport from which they recently moved and several bank accounts, according to clerk at Bridgeport Superior Court.

The court clerk said police also hope to obtain additional search warrants in connection with the case.

Although there has been no sign of the missing couple, investigators found their truck abandoned at a Westport commuter lot on Aug. 9. Police said one of the windows was broken.

"As far as two people missing, and they're not on vacation... God only knows nowadays what happens," said John Mendoza, who lives near Kyle Navin's home in Bridgeport. "I hope the worst didn't happen."

Kyle Navin has not been named a suspect in the case, and relatives have said nothing indicates the missing couple's finances have anything to do with their disappearance.

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