Police Crack Down on House Parties Ahead of Spring Weekend at Eastern Connecticut State University

Four people were arrested and six people were issued citations when officers busted house parties in Willimantic over the weekend and police are warning Eastern Connecticut State University students that officers will be cracking down on house parties during Spring Weekend.

Police said they responded to house parties on Mansfield Avenue and Walnut Street and they received two separate complaints on Bolivia Street. Two residents of Bolivia Street and two residents of Walnut Street were charged with breach of peace.

All four were processed and released on written promises to appear in Danielson Superior Court on May 3.

Five people who were at the party on Mansfield Avenue were charged with creating a public disturbance and one was charged with possession of marijuana, according to police.

Spring Weekend at Eastern Connecticut State University begins on Thursday and police are warning residents that house parties that grow out of control will not be tolerated and arrests will be made.

“Willimantic Police want students to enjoy the upcoming Spring Weekend, but we want them to do it safely and responsibility,” Lt. Alex Coriaty said in a statement.

Police said spring weekend celebrations historically have been respectful and for the most part go without major incident.

In the last couple of years, the house parties have been dwindling because of city police and ECSU staff meeting with off-campus students during their first week back at school each fall semester.

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