Police Expect to Arrest Suspect in Bridgeport Sex Assault, Attempted Abduction

Bridgeport police said they expect to arrest a suspect in the attempted kidnapping and sexual assault of a 17-year-old girl who jumped out of a moving car in Bridgeport to get away.

On Thursday, police said they found the car the teen jumped from and identified a New Haven woman in her 40s at the suspect, but have not arrested her.

Bridgeport police said they responded to the corner of Boston and Palisade avenues in Bridgeport at 7:15 a.m. on Monday to investigate reports of an attempted abduction and found the teenage girl. 

She was not hurt and told police she was walking to school on Boston Avenue when a charcoal gray Toyota Yaris approached her and the driver lured her into the car, then attacked her, police said.

On Wednesday, police released the video surveillance, which has since aired on television news reports nationwide. It shows what appears to be a teenage girl open the door of a moving four-door sedan and tumble out of it. 

Bridgeport police released surveillance video that shows an attempted abduction on Tuesday.

It also shows the driver make a U-turn, double back on the opposite side of the road, then keep going.

Tips led to police finding the car believed to be involved, police said during a news conference on Friday.

"It was information from the community cooperating with police that led us to the discovery of the exact pinpoint location of that vehicle," Assistant Police Chief James Nardozzi said.

Police are still trying to figure out the motive.

Authorities said they expect to make an arrest today and the suspect has hired an attorney.

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