Jury Sees More Graphic Photos

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The jury in Steven Hayes' trial on Thursday saw more disturbing photos of the the horrors that happened inside 300 Sorghum Mill Drive in Cheshire on July 23, 2007.

Inside that home, Jennifer Petit and her two daughters, Hayley, 17, and Michaela, 11, were killed. Jennifer and Michaela were raped. Then, the home was set on fire as the women were restrained in their beds. Dr. William Petit was beaten, but survived the attacks.

Photos show the bedrooms, including a rope hanging from a post that was used to restrain Michaela, and a scarf on the headboard of the Petits' bed.

Investigators also found traces of accelerants, including some in the hallway. 

At one point as the state was presenting it's case, Dr. Petit looked directly at Hayes. 

Earlier in the testimony, the evidence center on what was found inside the Petits’ Chrysler Pacifica -- evidence of the gruesome crime: a mask made from pantyhose, with eye holes cut out, along with a black mask with eye holes, zip ties and latex gloves.

Police said the other suspect, Joshua Komisarjevsky, drove the Petit's own vehicle as a get away car after the crimes. They crashed the vehicle and were taken into custody as the Petit home went up in flames.

Inside, the vehicle, police found three Bank of America bags. Hayes had taken Jennifer Petit there to withdraw $15,000, according to court records.

There was also rope, the masks and Komisarjevsky’s cell phone. There was also a voicemail on the phone, but police were never able to hear it because his phone was shut off for nonpayment and the message was deleted.

Police also analyzed Komisarjevsky’s mother's van and determined that the masks were made inside of it.

Since the trial for Steven Hayes began on Monday, Dr. Petit has been in the courtroom and, earlier in the week, he provided testimony of his own. As the state set out its case on Thursday, the jurors would turn their heads to see Dr. Petit. Like the day before, he showed emotion. As the state was going through evidence, Dr. Petit looked at the photos and put his head down.

The judge ended court early for the day because Hayes was ill, Hayes' attorney said. Hayes' attorney said that Hayes’ had seizure-like symptom on Wednesday night and did not sleep.

State releases video of Jennifer Petit at the bank while her family is held hostage. 

911 call from Bank of America after Jennifer Petit tells of what is happening in her home and why she needs the money

The Petits' neighbor calls 911 during the home invasion in Cheshire.

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