Police Help “Moove” Escaped Cows From Road in East Windsor

"Moove" along, cows!

East Windsor police were called in to help disperse a crowd that just didn't have a cow about walking in the middle of the road, milking their time away from home for all it was worth.

Some cows got loose and were meandering down Scantic Road close to 8 a.m. Thursday. A video taken by East Windsor Police Officer David Szabo from his cruiser shows at least seven cows walking in front of the vehicle, spread across the width of the road. A couple people walked beside them as he drove slowly behind the herd to help "moooooove" them out of the way.

"Some days officers are so busy with calls for service that it feels like we are working in a big city," East Windsor police posted on their Facebook page. "This morning was a good reminder that we in fact work in rural East Windsor. We had to mooooove cows that were on Scantic Road that had gotten loose."

It took 25 minutes to chorale the cows that came from a farm on Abbe Road. Police used corn to lure them home. All of the cows were returned.

"As the video shows the cows were in no hurry to return to their home," East Windsor police said.

The same cows got out from the farm two weeks ago. That time police used bread to get them back to the family farm.

No Beatles mock cover was shot during this call when the cows crossed Abbe Road to get back to the farm, according to police.

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