Police ID Woman Found Dead in New Britain in 2007

The last of three woman found dead in the wooded area behind 593 Hartford Road in New Britain in 2007 has been identified and the state is offering a $150,000 reward for information that leads to arrests in the case.  

Police said during a news conference this morning that the remains are of Mary Jane Menard.

She was 40 when she disappeared in October 2003. At the time, her daughter was serving overseas, officials said today.

She had been living in Waterbury and was last seen in New Britain, when she went out to get cigarettes, according to the case information on the National Missing Persons Database.

Menard is one of three missing women whose bodies were found seven years ago.

Police had already identified one of the victims as Joyvaline “Joy” Martinez, who had been previously referred to as Jane Doe Number One. Martinez disappeared from East Hartford in October 2003. She was 24 at the time.

Jane Doe Number Two was identified in 2011 as Diane Cusack of New Britain.

Menard had not been identified until now.

In 2010, police said they couldn’t find the woman’s skull but could tell from her leg bones that she was between 20 and 30 years old when she died and was probably athletic.

Police said they think the $150,000 reward is the largest ever the state has offered in connection with a single investigation.

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