Police Investigate Carjacking in Hartford

Police are investigating a carjacking in Hartford on Monday night after two armed men stole a car with two people inside of it, police said.

The carjacking was reported at 9:08 p.m. at 209 Capen Street.

The woman who owns the car had gone into the store, leaving her boyfriend in the passenger seat and another passenger in the backseat, when it happened, police said.

The two armed men ordered the boyfriend to get into the driver seat and told him to drive, police said.

A short time later, the men told the driver to jump out on Barbour and Capen streets.

The person who was in the back was no longer in the car when contacted by phone, but refused to speak with police, police said.

Police said the car is now classified as stolen, but have not released a description of it.

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