Police Investigate 4th Suspicious Fire in Enfield

Police said they have a person of interest.

Investigators are looking for a possible serial arsonist after discovering the fourth suspicious fire in the same Enfield neighborhood since the beginning of November.

Now neighbors are concerned, wondering if their homes are safe.

Fire broke out around 4:30 a.m. on Wednesday at a former photo studio at 388 Elm Street that is now used for storage. It is two houses down from a suspicious barn fire last week.

The people who own the former studio live in a house behind it and no one was inside the burning building.

The studio is across the street from a barn and around the corner from two other suspicious fires last week. In all, there have been five suspicious fires since August within a 300-yard radius. No arrests have been made, but police said the person seems to know exactly which properties are vacant and they have a person of interest.

Some residents said they are taking extra precautions to stay safe, including installing motion sensors and security lights.

The fire spree has neighbors nervous.

"Absolutely terrified. I mean this is like a horror story a complete horror story," Melissa Crab, of Enfield said. "...We've had the lights on. We've had the TVs on the other night. When I was home, I came outside. I was walking around the house."

Other are just hoping that police make an arrest.

"What can you do?  We're just hoping somebody will be found," Gerry Berozky, owner of the former photo studio, said.

Police have increased patrols in the area and continue to investigate the fire incidents.

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