Mother Pleads for Answers in Son's Mysterious Death

West Haven Police are looking for any clues after a the body 26-year-old was found lying on the road.

On Monday night, a mother begged the public for help.
Her son died a week ago after he was found in the road near Greta and Highland Streets in West Haven
“This is my son Brandon Jackson,” said Denise Jackson as she pointed to her son’s memorial and grieved his mysterious death. “I'm trying to find justice for my son. He was a good person and he did not deserve this.”
The body of Brandon Jackson,26, was found lying in the road around 9:30 on October 15th.  His mother said he was walking home from a convenience store just down the road.
“He had just enrolled to go to college, he had just got his acceptance papers,” Jackson explained. 
West Haven Police were back at the scene for hours Monday night to investigate. 
They blocked off the area to ask drivers and neighbors if they saw or heard anything suspicious that night.  Police still do not know what happened to Brandon Jackson, who died from a head injury.
“One of the ladies said she saw him walk by with his headset on and heard someone say he needed to get out of the street,” Denise Jackson said.
 Neighbors say they think a driver hit him and took off. 
"I was standing in my kitchen and I heard a loud crash noise…and I looked out my window but I didn't see anything," said Fannie Blackwell.
Investigators are still questioning if Jackson died from a medical condition or a possible fight.  His mother said this wasn’t possible, explaining that he was in good spirits and healthy.
She and authorities urged the public to speak up so they could have some answers.
“If anyone knows anything can you just please come forward...please?” said Jackson. 
Those answers would help bring Jackson’s family some closure.  
“My life has changed my life will never be the same, that will never be the same,” Denise Jackson admitted.
If you know anything about this case call West Haven Police at 203-937-3900.
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