Police Investigating Animal Cruelty Case After Finding Burned Cat

Police are investigating a disturbing case of animal cruelty after finding a burned dead cat in the road in New Britain.

The department received a report around 12:30 a.m. on Friday that a dead cat was found in the road on Bingham Street on Thursday afternoon. When officers arrived, they found the cat, which had burns on much of its body.

Sylvia Marotta said she called the cat Murphy and he roamed in the area.

“When I walked up to it -- was just like 'Oh my God that’s the gray tiger cat,” Marotta said.

She said 80 to 90 percent of the cat's body was burned.

Police are investigating this as a case of serious animal cruelty and they are trying to determine whether the cat was dead before or after it was burned.

To determine that, the state forensics lab and a veterinarian medical diagnostic lab will conduct testing.

There have been no other similar incidents in the city.

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