Police Investigating String of Tire Thefts in Enfield

Police in Enfield are investigating after residents say they are waking up to see their cars propped up in bricks and their wheels gone.

On Tuesday morning Charleen Turcotte walked out to get in her Honda on Putnam Drive, but her car would not reverse. Upon inspection, she realized all four tires and the rims had been stolen. While covered by insurance, the damage totaled more than $3,000.

"It’s scary thinking that I walked out here and they were here somewhere," Turcotte said.

On Farmstead Circle a few months ago, the O’Donnell family came out to find their Honda hybrid propped up on two truck tires.

"It was just balancing like a see-saw," Mike O’Donnell said. "We’re hoping that police can find these people because it seems to be quite organized and its affecting a lot of people in town."

Police are investigating what appears to be a rash of tire thefts. Residents say most of the cars hit happen to be Hondas.

Mayor Scott Kaupin says they are aware of re problem, and they are encouraging everyone to secure their vehicles and be on alert. Most importantly, if it happens, they want all victims to call police.

"Have an officer come to the home document the theft so that the police can put leads together and try to string one theft to another and potentially solve this," Mayor Kaupin said.

The string goes beyond Enfield. There are also reports of tires being taken in Wethersfield and Waterbury.

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