Police Make Arrest in Connecticut College Voyeurism Incidents

Police have arrested a Connecticut College student in connection with a series of voyeurism incidents at the New London school.

Carlos Alberti, 21, of Richmond, Massachusetts, was arrested on Friday.

Police began an investigation after several women at Conn College reported that they saw a cellphone pointed at them while in the changing areas of dormitory bathrooms.

Three of the victims, who are all female students, told police that they were in the changing area when they noticed a cellphone camera above or below the stall.

Two of the incidents happened in October 2018 and the others happened in November, December, and in late January. The incidents took place in "gender-inclusive" bathrooms in two residence halls, which anyone can use.

Police identified Alberti as a suspect in the early stages of their investigation.

According to court documents, Alberti admitted to recording approximately 30 different women in as many as eight campus buildings. He said he also shot up-skirt videos on the New York City subway, and kept the videos saved on his phone and laptop, according to the documents.

Upon a search of his devices, investigators found 213 shower stall videos and 72 up-skirt videos.

Alberti is charged with seven felony counts of voyeurism. A judge set a $150,000 bond. It is not clear if Alberti was able to post the bond.

Police are continuing their investigation.

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